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Truth, Jeff Beck

This week's recommendation honors the late Jeff Beck who recently passed away at the age of 79. It is easy to underemphasize the influence that Jeff Beck had in rock music, but to put this on perspective, he was a teacher and a major influence in Jimmy Page. His career started as Clapton's replacement in the Yardbirds but this would not last very long because the band got tired of his perfectionism. He was also very close friend and major influence on The Faces featuring Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood from the Stones and Kenney Jones who replaced Keith Moon in The Who.

Truth is his first solo album, it features Rod Stewart singing in all non-instrumental songs. This album features one of his most well-known songs Beck's Bolero. Beck's love and influence for blues is undeniable as we can hear in Blues Deluxe and some of the other tracks. To the demise of the guys that took a ride with me, I used to listen to this album almost every day for a period of time during my hour-long drive to classes in college.

Jeff Beck is undeniably one of the best and most innovative guitar players in rock history.


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