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Music is not an option. Outside of the little oxygen we need to breathe there's nothing in the face of God's earth that gives us more soul than music.

Sam Phillips

Founder of Sun Records

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🎵 An Album A Week: Your weekly Musical Adventure 🎵

"What should I listen to?" my son once asked, sparking the inspiration for this blog.


Should I stick to the familiar, or venture into uncharted musical territory?


What mood sets the stage for the perfect melody?


Is it time to explore a new genre?

Navigating the vast universe of music can be overwhelming. So, I've taken on the challenge of creating a space where curiosity thrives. Here, you'll find something new whenever that musical itch strikes.

This blog is dedicated to young souls (no matter your age) embarking on a musical journey and to those seasoned travelers willing to explore new horizons.

Consider this:

🎶 Every album is a piece of musical history.
🔊 Listen to the full album; no shuffling allowed.
📝 Read the reviews, but remember, they're just opinions.
🕰️ Good music transcends time; don't discount the classics.
🎵 Let the music, not the genre, guide your appreciation.

Enjoy the ride! 🎧🌟"

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