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wagar beach with ducks

oil on canvas, 16x20 - $100


I painted this scene on an ideal fall morning. The scene was so inspiring and apparently simple that I decided to use a larger canvas. My intent was to capture the tranquility of the moment. I found myself tricked by time as the tree shadow in front of me moved while I was in the early stages of the paining, this changed some of the colors and highlights. I think the results are decent although I am still seeking for a simpler and more dramatic result, this subject didn't seem that complex but the more you are in the place the more you realize there's more to it that you thought, making a choice of what is that matters is the artists choice and something I am still seeking to develop.

On a side note... the place was incredibly peaceful and quiet until some rare bird showed up and the bird watchers went nuts! Apparently it was something unique, and starting calling their bird-watcher friends all of a sudden it was a bird-watching circus. It was fun to watch them though and it didn't take anything away from me. 

All proceeds from painting sales will be donated to the Arts Mastery Project by the Cleveland Foundation

Thank you for visiting, if you are interested in buying this work or simply want to connect, please send me an email to the address below.

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