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The White Stripes, Eponymous

Year: 1999

Influences: Son House, Robert Johnson, Stooges, Velvet Underground. Blues, Art Rock, Punk, Classic Rock

Let’s finally talk about a band newer than the 80s: The White Stripes, the obscure band that everyone seems to know without even realizing it:

I didn't discover them until after they broke up. It wasn't until I got curious about the beautiful intro song for Conan O'Brien's podcast, "We are Going to Be Friends," that I started paying attention. They are as cool as it gets. Jack White, the mastermind behind it all, started the band when he was just 22, juggling his upholstery business and a passion for playing music.

What sets The White Stripes apart is that they stayed true to their American influences, drawing from the best blues music and the artistic vibes of bands like Velvet Underground. They're like a blend of all the good stuff. No British Invasion for them, they went straight to the source and brought it right to our ears.

They stuck to three basic tenants:

1. Be a family band (literally)

2. Stick to the colors white, red, and black

3. Embrace the power of three (three colors, three instruments, three basic chords)

With just a bass, a guitar, and Jack's killer vocals, they created a sound powerful sound. Their debut album, "The White Stripes," laid the foundation for their incredible musical legacy. It's packed with 17 short songs, including 4 covers of classic blues songs. Jack White is practically telling you, "This is the music I love, and you're gonna love it too!" Many of the songs have very simple lyrics, almost like lullabies, so you don't have pay to much attention and focus on the music.

The White Stripes may have flown under the radar for some, but their impact on music is undeniable. Jack White's passion shines through in every single note they play. They proved that with just three instruments: guitar, drums and vocals, you can create something powerful and mesmerizing. Their debut album is a raw and electrifying testament to their musical brilliance.

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