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Changesbowie, David Bowie

Updated: May 14

Resilience and Reinvention: Reflections on Change with David Bowie

Change is a constant companion in our lives, driven by inspiration, desperation, and unexpected turns. My path through change began with a leap driven by fear that didn’t allow me to see a path in my chosen profession – leaving architecture for the uncharted waters of computer science. It was a daunting shift, navigating the world of IBM Global Services among seasoned engineers. A few years later, once I had found my place and fueled by inspiration, I pursued another transformation through an MBA program that led to Whirlpool Corporation. After finding my footing in the innovation realm and seeing the writing on the wall, I embarked on another transformative journey, this time joining Allstate Insurance. While the transition was marked by challenges, discomfort, and a complete lack of interest in the product, it was also a period of significant personal growth, pushing me to expand my skills and adaptability. This experience paved the way for moving to Moen, where I rediscovered my passion and found a renewed purpose in leading innovation initiatives. However, a few years into it, they decided they didn’t need a VP of innovation anymore, leading to the serendipitous alignment of architecture, computer science, business, and innovation at MiTek.

Reflecting on my journey through a whirlwind of changes, I find solace in the lyrics of David Bowie's "Changes." Grappling with uncertainty and the ever-present fear of the unknown, Bowie's words, "Still don't know what I was waitin' for," resonate, capturing the essence of moments of doubt and hesitation. Yet, with each twist and turn, I embraced the challenge, turning myself to face the mirror, "So I turned myself to face me." Through it all, the song's message of resilience and acceptance reminds us that while time may change us, our inner strength and determination should remain unwavering.

I typically don’t write about greatest hits albums, but “Changesbowie” holds a special place in my list as it served as my true introduction to one of the best artists of the 20th century. I listened to it repeatedly, immersing myself in David Bowie's extraordinary musical universe. Since my blog is not directly targeted at music experts, I find the introduction of this album proper for “young ears” eager to explore the timeless brilliance of Bowie's work.

David Bowie's career is a kaleidoscope of artistic innovation and reinvention. From his early days as a mod rocker in the swinging '60s to his transformation into Ziggy Stardust, the androgynous alien rock star of the '70s, Bowie constantly pushed boundaries and defied expectations. His chameleon-like ability to adopt new personas and musical styles kept audiences captivated and cemented his status as a cultural icon. Throughout his career, Bowie's eclectic blend of rock, pop, glam, and electronic music produced timeless classics like "Space Oddity," "Heroes," and "Let's Dance," leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. His influence extends far beyond music, encompassing film, fashion, and art, making him a true Renaissance man of the modern era. 

"Changesbowie" serves as a potent distillation of David Bowie's eclectic and groundbreaking career, offering a captivating journey through his most iconic hits and transformative moments. Released in 1990, the compilation album showcases Bowie's unparalleled ability to evolve and innovate, spanning genres from glam rock to electronic pop. As a comprehensive overview of Bowie's career, the album not only celebrates his musical genius but also highlights his enduring influence on generations of artists and listeners worldwide.

Bowie's "Changesbowie" is not just a compilation of songs, but a soundtrack to resilience, adaptability, and the unwavering pursuit of passion. Bowie's lyrics resonate, reminding us that while the path may be uncertain, the strength to face it lies within. From fear to inspiration, from desperation to renewal, each track on "Changesbowie" encapsulates the essence of transformation, mirroring the evolving landscape of our lives. 

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