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under the trees at the cleveland metroparks

oil on canvas, 11X14 - $100

This was actually a very challenging painting! I went to the Metroparks just a couple of hours before sunset and ran out of time. I was disappointed of the work done during the session, I felt the work was way too amateur, that I didn't pick the right colors and that the composition was not pretty. I let the painting sit for the night and in the morning decided to give it another hour or two and see if I could save it. I think the results are decent although it is not following some of the basic rules of painting to provide depth and volume, that is why I keep practicing. At the end, I think it captures the vibe I was shooting for, the river on the far right breaks the monotony. I am glad I didn't give up and finished the painting.

All proceeds from painting sales will be donated to the Arts Mastery Project by the Cleveland Foundation

Thank you for visiting, if you are interested in buying this work or simply want to connect, please send me an email to the address below.

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