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Music is not an option. Outside of the little oxygen we need to breathe there's nothing in the face of God's earth that gives us more soul than music.

Sam Phillips

Founder of Sun Records

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An Album A Week

What should I listen to? Is what my son asked me and what inspired this blog.


Should I give him something from a band he already knows?

What mood is he in that will allow this music to be received?

Should I introduce a new genre?

This question is almost impossible to answer given the vast music universe. I decided to give it a shot and put it in a format that other can benefit from; whenever he or anybody else has this curiosity, they can come to this space and pick something new. 


This space is dedicated to young souls (at heart) starting their musical journey and to those who have been walking through it and are willing to open their horizons. 


Consider this:

  • Each album is a legacy in itself and represented something in music history.

  • Listen to the whole album.

  • Avoid using shuffle.

  • Read the review, but consider that just an opinion.

  • Don't discredit old music. Good music has no time, and this was new someday.

  • Don't let the genre influence your appreciation.



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